Monday, June 13, 2011

what's new

There is such an amazing talent and creativity in the world and it is great to see it any possible ways to come out. In Pasadena now until August 21st in Williamson Gallery will be an exhibit Hyperbolic: Reef, Rubbish, Reason. In Pasadena Star there is a nice review and pictures from the show. Crochet Coral Reefs keep growing - currently The Maine Reef is growing, crocheters are busy in Asheville and Honolulu.

I have some new ideas and my fingers are itching to start a new piece ,but ... my creativity has to turn back to teaching mathematics - on June 27th I will start teaching six week course Prove It! which I have not taught before and this is first time when it is offered in Cornell Summer session. My right arm is still hurting. No crochet or knitting for a while - it is hard enough to type. I am working on getting my arm to be able to write on a board - still teach old fashion way :-) I am very hopeful to avoid surgery but have to have another cortisone shot to cut inflammation so I can do more exercising it. Crocheting is not included on that list. At least I can still take pictures and learn about some amazing talents.

I was in New York City before the heat wave, so Saturday was pleasant. Did not know that there was some unusual art opening in Manhattan - toddler Aelita Andre has an art exhibit and that night 9 of her paintings were sold for $30 000, more here
here is a video:

How many more such "prodigies of color" we would have if more children could have such an exceptional opportunity to play so freely with colors?
Next day - Sunday night, June 5th, we turned on TV PBS station and there was a concert - the star was another child Jackie Evancho who will have her CD "Dream with me" release tomorrow. This is a video of her performing Nessun Dorma:


  1. HookTheReef@gmail.comJune 29, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    Aloha Daina! Mahalo for the link to the Hawai'i reef project and for our initial conversations about these endeavors. I'm so glad I embarked upon this adventure and am looking forward to creating pieces for other reef projects - this stuff is indeed addicting! My next workshop will be to teach hyperbolic crochet to as many as possible at our family reunion. Best wishes, Michelle

  2. Thank you,Michelle! Hope to see more of your creations. I guess I have "infected" many people... :-)