Wednesday, January 12, 2011

some videos on non-Euclidean geometry

This post is an answer to those who have asked me - do you have anything on YouTube we can watch? The answer is - no, I do not have anything on YouTube but there are some videos of me available:
this is by Sciencentral Extreme Knitting
then there is in series Mathematics Illuminated Unit 8 Geometries beyond Euclid
the most recent one Talks from the Yarniverse

This time I wanted to point out other video resources about non-Euclidean geometries or related topics.

History of Non-Euclidean Geometry by Jeremy Gray from Open University class:

From the series of Great Courses on You Tube there is a lecture by Prof. Judith Grabiner on the history of non-Euclidean geometry:
part 1

part 2

part 3
in this part I disagree about some of the geometric explanations - but I  guess this lecture has been recorded a while ago - straight line is the shortest distance between two points ONLY in Euclidean geometry, also hyperbolic plane IS NOT an extension of saddle surface; etc :

part 4

Amber Case gives her introduction in Hyperbolic Geometry on much lighter note:

Not the Knot should be filed under "movie classics":

make sure not to miss the part 2:

great video on Poincare Conjucture:

most recent one is the talk of Vi Hart at Joint Math Meetings  last Saturday in New Orleans:

well, there are more - just search for them online.... :-)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Comment on previous blog entry prompted me to point out some of the wonderful work by others that inspires me. I am not claiming it will be a full list and not in any particular order.
In the very first fiber art exhibit I was invited to participate I saw wonderful sculptures by Blanka Sperkova:

Curator of the exhibit had displayed our works next to each other and on the opening night several people asked me - do you know each other?  No, we never met, I wish one day we would.
Then learned about Ruth Asawa:

She had an exhibition I very much wish I saw.
When I see ceramic sculptures by Eva Hild, they always seem to trigger something familiar to me:

In 2006 at Gathering for Gardner I met Brent Collins and later also Carlo Sequin and learned more about their collaboration:
About the same time I met also George Hart.
Lately his sculptures are more with computer aided and 3-D printing possibility inspired touch, which lets to create big collective fun works for all ages. George has such enthusiasm for popularizing art and mathematics - I am eagerly waiting for Museum of Mathematics to open in 2012!
I am very happy to see that George's daughter Vi Hart is know following her father's footsteps with her own creative work. I like her doodles very much

Math inspires artists to create sculptures in different media - I am finding fascinating Desiree Hope glass sculptures inspired by geometric forms:

If I am looking for mathematics and art connections, one of my favorite places is ISAMA page - wealth of information! Online journal on this page Hyperseeing - not to be missed! So do BRIDGES.
Of course, I can go on and on, but enough for now :-).