Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mathematics and Love

Happy Valentines Day!

Not that it would be a special day for me but why not wish that every day for you is happy, so why not today also.
Valentines Day was my excuse to do a little web search on mathematics and love and these could be suggestions how a mathematician could spend Valentines Day date with the significant other.

It could start with a serious note discussing Mathematical model of love and happiness
and then reviewing A Heart Equation.. Or to follow some mathematician's has blog Math for Love.

To listen (or to read if hands and eyes are free) - The Mathematics of Love - a talk with John Gottman who started to study mathematics at MIT and first year was randomly paired with a roommate who was a psychologist.

Poetry  Mathematics of Love is online but Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics  can be pre-ordered on Amazon (it was first published in 2008).

Weaving the World: Simone Weil on Science, Mathematics, and Love - uses Simone Weil’s philosophy of science and mathematics as an introduction to the thought of one of the most powerful philosophical and theological minds of the twentieth century. Weil held that, for the ancient Greeks, the ultimate purpose of science and mathematics was the knowledge and love of the divine. Her creative assimilation of this vision led her to a conception of science and mathematics that connects the human person with not only the physical world but also the spiritual and aesthetic aspects of human existence.

Charle's Darwin's great great granddaughter named her debut novel The Mathematics of Love.

Lily Tuckš book I married you for happiness is the story about mathematician's wife

 Enough about love by Herve Le Tellier does not talk about mathematics but the author is a mathematician.

There is also  CD called after its title song The Mathematics of Love

As for a card - may be this will work?:
and this math of love I think everybody remembers since elementary school, may be this was the very first equation you learned:

If this takes you to more intimate note, then there is a movie Rites of Love and Math you can watch online

Former Oxford graduate student writes about Mathematics and SEX.
Whatever you do - do not forget real, dark chocolate, of course, because of its health effects!

Here is chocolate truffle recipe from a blog Fat and Happy (I love this title!:-) )

After all - just in case you are up to it - can try binary code marriage proposal :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hooks, Stitches, and Moebius

The show is over, but I had a chance to take some pictures, so here is my "recreation of this show, which draw a lot of attention and brought to the gallery in Williams Art Center, Lafayette College, Easton, PA many people, even those who are not usual guests in art galleries.

Vine at the entrance of the gallery made by Susan Huxley with participation from the public. It is based on endagered Pensylvania plant Lonicera hirsute commonly called Eaton hairy honeysuckle.

Susan Huxley started this piece from VHS tape as Lorenz manifold but one small mistake led to the others and Susan calls this "Cascading Failures:Lorenz Project". When it is displayed and lit up - does not look like a failure from artistic point of view :-)

This is another attempt to recreate Lorenz Manifold originally designed and crocheted by Hinke Osinga and Berndt Krauskopf - the author of thispiece is Tracy Jen.
sarah-marie belcastro's knitted hyperbolic pants and torus - the pattern how to make these pieces is in Making Mathematrics with Needlework

Hexaflexa cube by Patt Ashforth and Steve Plummer

The Soma Cube was invented in 1936 by Piet Hein. There are 240 solutions...
Crocheted fractal formula by Bernice-Marie Yates
Square Deal Reformation - designed and knit by Steve Plummer.
This design represents the smallest number (21) differently sized squares in which the big square can be split into. The only other alternative to this arrangem,ent would be mirror image of it.

The design of Sierpinski triangle was done by Jake Wildstrom. This piece is featured here with the crocheter Elinor Levy who added to the designand made this wonderful piece for the show.

This is just one of many Moebius bands in the exhibit knitted and crochetted by Bonnie Peters, Jacob Wildstrom, Elinor Levy, sarah-marie belcastro, Johanna Franklin, Jayne, Michiko Okaya, Patricia Talijan, Robin Phelps, Susan Monroy
Serotonin - Crochet makes me happy

Carpal - designed and knitted by Anna Mattison

Seascape - assemblage by Maria, crocheted by Gale Bellew, Michel Swengel- Regala, Eleonor Levy, Michiko Okaya, and Susan Huxley

Zebra fish embrio - knit by Julie Ehrlich
Kathleen Greco's Jelly Yarn's creations

Catch his eye - designed and crocheted by Hillary Miller, aditional pieces stitched by Bonnie Peters and Robin Phelps
Bacteriophage virus by Susan Burkhart
Natural Science Egg Study - knitted by Lisa Resser
Visitors were in awe about the Illusion Knitting

Sorry if I missed somebody ...