Thursday, May 19, 2011

Geometric Manifolds for Hyperbolic: Reefs, Rubbish, Reason

Yesterday seven of my works started their way to Los Angeles where they will part of the exhibit Hyperbolic: Reefs, Rubbish, Reason.  The show curated by The Institute For Figuring will be held at Art Center College of Design in the Williamson Gallery, June 6-August 21, 2011. The IFF has decided that it will  be the last major Reef show they do and at the same time it'll be a homage to hyperbolic geometry.

Why there are more than seven pictures? Manifolds come in different forms and shapes and we have to train our eyes to recognize them, so - which are the seven different ones?  


  1. Varbūt 1. un 5. ir it kā vienādi, bet 6. ir vienāds ar 2. vai 3. vai 4.?

  2. I enjoy your work and share it with my 7-12 grade students in my rural Montana mathematics classroom. I'm planning on upgrading my knit mobius strip hall passes to include a hyperbolic manifold. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Ieva - you are right about No.1 and No.5 to be the same. No.7 and No.9 are the same also.

    Dobarah - thank you for letting me know that my ideas are used in rural Montana! Send me a picture of your display!

  4. Do these also have particular or familiar names or are they just known by their radii of curvatures? Very pretty! Happy crocheting!

  5. they are all geometric 2-manifolds with the same radii - originally all pieces looked almost the same - difference just in sizes, then they were transformed in the shapes you see. It shows that on the surface of these manifolds hyperbolic geometry holds.
    I do wish I could do more crocheting but now for a while I should not touch crochet hook - I am recovering from "tennis elbow" and "baseball shoulder" - I guess crocheting is as athletic as these sports :-)

  6. Hi there,

    I am currently doing my Year 12 Art Visual Study (in Australia). I have to study other artists and create my own interpretations of their works. I am also a specialists maths student, so I decided to focus my visual study on "Maths in Nature", and I would very much like to use some of your work for my examples of hyperbolic geometry in sea creatures. As I need to reference my artists and the names of their pieces, I was just wondering what the title of this series was? Is it just Hyperbolic: Reefs, Rubbish, Reason?

    Thank you very much,
    Jessica Pickworth