Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it is about time to start

Welcome to the place where I am starting to tell the story about my adventures with crocheting hyperbolic planes and myself. I have received nice e-mails, found funny applications of the term "hyperbolic crochet" but the main thing is - it has connected me with so many people I would not have known otherwise.
This is the picture by Jon Enoch - he did it two years ago in London. I love it because it shows very well two sides of my adventures with crocheted hyperbolic planes - the red model is mathematical - I have been labeled a mathematician for many years, it also has a picture on it which is rectangular pentagons - you can have them only in hyperbolic plane. The picture connects me back with Theoretical Computer Science (it was my PhD thesis). The blue model is my artistic side - it is also the hyperbolic plane but now it is travelling to art exhibits and is having interested viewers.


  1. Daina, your work is beautiful. When I first saw it last year it changed my whole approach to creating crocheted pieces. I saw crochet as soft sculpture. Your mathematical work with the hyperbolic plane lifts crochet to a new sculptural level that is creatively liberating. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you, Kaye! You are one of those people I would never met if not having this "hyperbolic crochet"!

  3. Congratulations Daina on just winning the 2009 Diagram Prize in the UK!!!

  4. First: congratulations on winning the prize!

    Second: are you familiar with Bathsheba Grossman's beautiful mathematical sculptures at http://www.bathsheba.com/ ?

  5. yes, I am , Tim - two of her sculptures are actually featured in my book.