Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny news don't last for long

MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

One of my friends wrote to me
'It is always impressive when the lead story on yahoo is about someone you know and in a good way too.'

People who know me wrote to me how happy they are and even people whom I never met wrote to me saying that liked these news. Since some media had headlines like 'the craziest title', 'silliest title' it encourage some authors to send me their manuscripts politely asking me to tell what I think. Well, I will try to answer to them too.

This morning came with disturbing news about bombing in Moscow metro. A long time ago I lived for semester in Moscow, so I still remember those metro stations and how deep they are. The suicide bombers were two young women, perhaps Muslim. Then later another news - about Christian militia group in Mid-West planning to kill police officers. Funny news don't last long. 

I was trying to get back to the work I started before my trip to Iceland. I was reading 'Gabo on Gabo" and stumbled on a quote he wrote in 1944 when he was also deeply depressed about what was happening in the world:

'The human race is ill; dangerously, mortally ill - I offer my blood and flesh, for what it is worth, to help them; my life, if it is needed. But what is worth of a single life - we all have learned to kill with ease and the road of death is made smooth and facile. The venom of hate has become our daily bread and only nurture.'

Why there is still no antidote for the venom of the hate? 

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