Saturday, November 14, 2020

This strange 2020


For the first time in many years I didn't travel to Latvia. I missed seeing in person the largest installation of crocheted hyperbolic planes. I missed putting together my dreams and memories with hundreds of others. (Thank you again all who participated! I did felt your support which I needed very much.) It was prepared for a display by a team in Riga. 2nd Riga International Contemporary Art Biennial  was supposed to open in May, instead it had only 3 weeks August 20-September 13, 2020. It was amazing that it happened at all. My friends went to see it instead of me and sent their pictures, people were posting on Facebook, I was following on ZOOM Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel guided tour, reading media reviews. The dream of participating in Art Biennial is now memories of these pictures. I was first taken aback that the display is so different from the one I originally envisioned but then I could see how it all made sense - dreams and memories all mixed up and fallen on ground...

and here are some media reviews and interviews

What I was doing this summer? I published a book as open source - that is what David wanted. This was my way of working through grief which still comes over me. In this 4th edition of Experiencing Geometry there is an Appendix where it is described how to make all my models. Have a look! 

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