Friday, March 8, 2019

Textiles and MOOOI

Do you know what is moooi
I was visiting moooi showroom and a talk about textiles in NYC just before leaving for Riga last fall. I had already put in all these pictures for the blog and was going to write a text while in Riga. However, it all got left unfinished because of shocking experience in Riga - my apartment there was vandalized, police did not care. (Few month later I got a response that the guy living there just have thrown out Soviet type furniture to make space for him, the rest of my claim was just ignored, giving me 10 days to appeal which was impossible due to events I will talk in next blog entry.) Then I got dragged in in even stranger event - suspected Russian spy case and had to protect myself in the city I was born and lived most of my life as a citizen of United States. That all wiped out all I wanted to write about Textiles and Moooi but since I have these pictures, I decided to leave them here.

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