Sunday, March 11, 2018

Reflections - exhibit in MoMath

An invitation to the opening of the new exhibit at National Museum of Mathematics said: 
"MoMath presents Reflections, an exploration of the intriguing geometries of the reflected world. Reflections have fascinated humanity since time immemorial. The nature of the image we see in a mirror, or in a still body of water, can seem paradoxical and mysterious. Through a series of engaging interactive experiences, Reflections explores the intriguing geometries of the reflected world, revealing profound truths about the very nature of space."
I think this reflection is the best characteristics of the exhibit. Not so much TEACH part but LEARN part for sure. 
At the opening people very actively engaged in all exhibits. This is really hands-on exploration of reflections.
This is an attempt to show reflections combined with fractals. 
I would say that most of the exhibit is illustrations of reflections and hands-on activities. If looking for artistic objects, I would say there were very few. 
Reflections is an interesting educational exhibit, fun for families. 

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