Monday, December 12, 2016

Yarn Visions - SINKKA, Keravan Taidemuseo

Last days of my trip to Europe were spent in Finland. I was invited to participate in an exhibit Yarn Visions in Kerava Art Center SINKKA

Yarn Visions are curated by Minna Haveri. I am happy to have another chance to show White Cloud - the installation that was first made for Riga -2014 exhibit Hyperbolic Planes and Sustainable Networks, curated by RIXC and with help of many Latvian and even Italian crocheters. I wrote about it here. Since the end of the exhibit White Cloud had been in storage, and many thanks to RIXC people who organized it to be shipped to Kerava. 
When after two years I met White Cloud again, this is how it looked. Many thanks to my helpers who gave a hand untangling this pile and hanging it! I also met with the group who calls themselves Wild Crocheters from Kerava - they had made both pink clouds.

These are all three clouds together and geometry explained on the wall with some models to explore.
In Pink Clouds it is easy to notice the color of Pink House - the project that was completed already in August by Olek & group of  Villit Virkkajat volunteers. Creation of Pink House can be seen here.
Director of SINKKA Arja Elovirta introduces the exhibit, curator Minna Haveri getting ready officially to open it.

Tuija Teiska Father, Forgive me

Jenni Haili I am OK and HYÄRYLLISTÄ Tango tribe
Olek Still Life with a Blue Plane

Another use of hyperbolic planes - in Textile Student installation Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea installation by Textile Design students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences hopes to raise marine pollution awareness.
Noora Schroderus From Bank Note series
Elina Juopperi Inheritance is a work in progress. The audience can bring traditional raanu textiles and the artist will integrate them into the work, adding the donor's name to the piece. (Raanu weavings use a cotton warp and a wool weft.)

Sanna Majander Dark Moon

Melek Mazici Wings of Eternity

Suvi Solkio Here audience is invited to write their dreams on the blanket.
another post about the exhibit Yarn Visions here (in Finnish)
Many thanks to all who made it possible for the White Cloud to travel to Finland. My warmest season greetings to all who participated in creating White and Pink Clouds. And if you can - do not miss this exhibit!

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