Sunday, August 31, 2014

Awesome geometry is everywhere!

Lots of geometry applications this summer- I collected here some what you may missed;-)
Please welcome Noa Raviv to 3D printing geometric fashion world! Interview with her and some more awesome designs are here.

Issey Miyake continues explorations in geometry. Using “A Piece of Cloth” philosophy, which is based on the mathematical program with 3D geometric principles by Associate Professor Jun Mitani of the University of Tsukuba, 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE creates brilliant and complex 3D forms that become 2D when folded.

DELTA collection is based on equilateral triangles.
3D printing is changing the image of High Couture.

Georges Rousse has made a name for himself with incredibly complex pieces of geometric art that can only be seen from the perfect angle. His latest collection is no exception, which uses architecture, colors, and lines to create various optical illusions around an abandoned building.
Eric and Martin Demaine in American Craft

Remeber -in my Crocheting Adventures with the Hyperbolic Planes I mentioned work of Mahedevan, his work has inspired morphogenesis

Incredible geometric images by young Chinese martiel art students

Art of geometry inspired modern dance:
Interesting geometric art

Geometric shapes and patterns by Gary Andrew Clarke

Dietmar Voorwold, a German artist based in Scotland, creates beautiful and temporary works of natural land art by arranging rocks, leaves and other natural materials into simple geometric patterns.
If you happen to be in London - go and see the exhibit Radical Geometry in Royal Academy!
stunning images by former physicist Tom Beddard
Remembering spring - stunning images from tulip fields
Tired of serious stuff? Try chocolate geometry!

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