Friday, March 15, 2013

I found Ueno Masao!

I was looking for something else but stumbled on intriguing picture.
It prompted me to look up who is the artist and I found another picture:
He  called this "Rotating Ellipses" but of course I noticed hyperboloid!
This is how I found Fabuluos works by Ueno Masao like this Spring:

Japanese bamboo artist Ueno Masao (b. 1949) studied architecture in Shibaura Institute of Technology (class of 1972). From 1977 to 1983 studied traditional bamboo art and worked as apprentice with master craftsmen Konma Hazuaki and Kondou Shousaku.

How bamboo is processed for his works

Ueno Masao Swirl

Making Swirl

An Interview with Ueno Masao

Braiding by Ueno Masao

Earlier Works

His works are indeed The Feast for the Eyes:

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