Saturday, January 26, 2013

amazing art

I wish I could learn how to do this - some amazing art examples;
This is a picture from Peter Gentenaar portfolio. Just one more picture to encourage you to visit his and Pat Torley web page to see there amazing technique:

Iris van Herpen collaborated with Neri Oxman to make 3-D printed dress that hit Paris Fashion show:
Next year - in 2014 - it is said that the first 3-D printed house will arrive... The house like  a Moebiuss strip is already designed by Korean architects. Haute-Tech for Textiles makes new "dresses" - for nerds?
This technique Gabriele Mayer shared with me - you may have a thought where she got an idea to crochet this shape ;-)
Her piece was exhibited in Joint Math Meetings 2013 in San Diego - visit the online gallery of this exhibit. Decide which work you like the best and then you can see the list of awards.

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