Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fiber College - Maine 2012

My first impression of Penabscott Bay at Searsport Shores where Fiber College was happening.
 I am still travelling with a limited access to Internet but I thought I'll better get this post/photos published. I tried to make a reasonable slideshow but (because of my clumsiness with media, perhaps) it took me more time than I expected - it is here on YouTube, the following pics are just some of them.
I heard before very excited memories about the Fiber College, so I was intrigued and happy to be invited to give a workshop/ talk/ teach a class there - do not really know how to call what I did. Even more - I would be teaching together with Katharine Cobey!
First I attended a fashion show - KnitMaine-ia to benefit women shelter.
It was a nice mix of things made for family, friends, and for wearing by the authors. Some were original designs, some were made using patterns from Ravelry etc. 

Some were works by instructors who were teaching classes - like this scarf designed by Kristen Kapur.

Katharine Cobey's made outfit from... black trash bags, She started to use them to protest Gulf War - which happened because of the oil and these trash bags are made from oil. 
Susan Merril's Zati masks were really amazing. She inspired me to try weaving - I will try to learn it later this fall.

The arrival of the chain man was impressive and left the audience with a feeling that it has to be really heavy. Which it was, of course - this outfit weighed 57 lb. Of course, I wanted to try it, which I did two days later with the kind permission of the author who helped me to put it on. But once it is on - does not feel that heavy....

My workshop/class/presentation with Katherine Cobey was advertised as "Two divas with hooks and sticks". (hooks and sticks in the title were ok, I was not really comfortable with divas...). What we were doing both together? We tried to encourage our students to get out of two dimensional work and move into 3-dimensional thinking, o get free, not to follow recipes but experiment. 
First I met Katherine indirectly - it was in 2005 in my very first art exhibit Not the Knitting You Know were I saw Portrait of Alzheimer's .  

I was really happy to finally meet her in person and to learn from her.
Many thanks to Astrig Tanguy for inviting me! I do plan to return to Fiber College next year with new things to teach.



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