Saturday, August 11, 2012

more on Gathering for Gardner 10

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This post should have appeared in April, right after "Gathering for Gardner 10" but I had a family emergency which made me to rush to Riga, after that other things piled up, so I am still slowly recovering what was not finished since spring.
These are the links I collected about the conference - it should give you a feel how much fun it was. Enjoy!
I missed the very beginning of the Gathering because I arrived only Thursday afternoon.

G4G10 self profiles

Colm's talk in Library part 1

part 2

Twisty Puzzles

Gardner Ball

Polyform Puzzler


Podcast about G4G10


Ethan - math magician

Martin Gardner by Demaine's

Gyroid and how it was made

Cool math stuff

Close-up magic performed by Raymond Smullyan and Jorge Luengo

Circo mathematiquo


Lessons learned

12-card star puzzle/sculpture

Rubber bundzzles

Maxwell's demon



Gwen Fisher

Kite Spiral

Remembering Tom Rodgers by Caroline Bickford

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  1. My 5x5 cube still waiting for someone who is able to gather it.