Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank you, Tom Rodgers (1944-2012)!

From the message I received from Colm last night:
Tom Rodgers -- the man who for 20 years was the main driving force behind Gatherings for Gardner and other far-reaching initiatives to shine new light on the rich legacy of Martin Gardner-- has died in Atlanta. He was 67.
The last few days of March and the first day of April saw g4g10 held at the Ritz Carlton downtown, as scheduled. It was a great success, despite the unease in the air once attendees learnt that Tom was gravely ill. It was his express wish that the meeting proceed as usual, and by and large, he got his wish,.
On the Saturday afternoon, at his insistance, a long-standing tradition was observed, when several hundred people gathered in the grounds of his amazing house in Buckhead for six or seven hours, and engaged in the standard activities of mathematical sculpture building or observing, eating, networking and relaxing with like-minded spirits. Attendees there (who also spoke at the 4 day conference) ranged from age 12 to 92, not to mention a well-known and sprightly 95 year old from Calgary.
That morning, Tom had led a g4g board meeting at his home. He remained active in, and passionate about, his vocation as long as he could. 
More here or here.

These are my pictures from that afternoon in Tom's and Sarah's garden. Here we all are - among the mathematical sculptures, in Japanese garden, keeping the spirit of Gathering For Gardner alive.
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Thank you, Tom! RIP

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