Saturday, March 3, 2012

mathematics and politics in Russia

While in US students are taking a theoretical course (there is even possible to major in mathematics and politics), Russians are already aplying mathematics to politics.As Rusia prepares for elections tomorrow some interesting pictures how math is used in political banners in Russia (from

We are for normal distribution!
                                                  You cann't fool Gauss!

Gauss distribution was quite popular - even formula on a banner here

Pictures from demonstration in Moscow December 12, 2011

I guess Russian schools are still keeping up with math while US still have to deall with "No Child Left Behind"....

When I choose to become a math major one of the reasons was that mathematics and politics seemed to be the most apart. I did not know about Mathematics and Politics in the Soviet Union 1928-1953
Also there have been mathematicians in politics. There are more famous people who majored in mathematics (or at least attempted...)

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