Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mathematics elsewhere

Thank you for all the greetings about Euler Prize! I remember how news spread about my book winning Diagram Prize - in a day it was around the globe - the oddest title of 2009 is Crocheting Adventures with the Hyperbolic Planes. :-) News about Euler Prize are spreading slowly but I have found some nice mentions of the book:in German Science Blog, (author does not know that one of my crocheted planes is in Germany right now - in a show in Darmstadt), Edinburgh Science Festival (I was in Edinburgh when I was writting the book, and there are pictures from there in a book!), Images des mathematiques - (this was actually the first one after MAA anouncement).

Talking about France - there is unique exhibit there now - Mathematics:A Beautiful Elswhere

On the other side of Atalantic a mathematical art contest "This is My Math" organized by McGraw-Hill was for very beginners in art and in math :-) - hopefully early start will keep young minds longer focused on math.

Robert Fathauer's art exhibit Ars GEometrica is open in Budapest, December 5-February 24, 2012.

Digital print. Image size 11" x 14". 2004. Robert Fathauer

Knitted Napier's Bones by Pat Ashworth, Ben Ashworth, and Steve Plummer:

here is how to use them, but if you want to see more of their awsome designs go to Wooly Thoughts

Recently I learned that Google is showing some love to math lovers.
I do feel know like compiling "news digest", which is perhaps news for me because the end of the semester was so full that I did not have much time to spend online. Just one more new link - this is for crocheters - Ancient patterns digitized. Enjoy!

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