Wednesday, August 10, 2011

where "hyperbolic crochet" started

Yesterday I came back from Pennsylvania. I was at the place where I started to crochet hyperbolic planes. The very first one was crocheted in June 1997 during geometry workshop in Cornell University, in Ithaca, but the next one and the first model of hyperbolic pair of pants where crocheted in our camping place in the picture above. The tiny cabin is gone, only its former place still can be seen. No memorial signs :-) .

The outdoor kitchen and "dining room" our family was using then is still the same, just by now two cabins at both ends of it are added.

This swimming pool which is used by all community members is also essential in early history of crocheted hyperbolic planes - in summer 1997 I spent many hours at the pool side while my two daughters were learning to swim and improving their English. We arrived in United States just before Christmas in 1996 and they did not know any English. When in fall of 1997 they returned to school, they had no more problems with American English and were correcting me who was taught to speak a proper British.

This is a view from the poolside in Mc Corkle Tree Farm I was watching while crocheting hyperbolic planes for my upcoming class in Cornell.

The only "hyperbolic" thing one could find there this time.

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