Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hyperbolic Guitar and some new photos

Now there is "hyperbolic music". I was very delighted to learn about this piece, hope you will enjoy it too. While listening to it, look at some my new photos.

Donal Donohoe says about creating this music:
The piece is an attempt to capture the exponential expanse of hyperbolic space in the rhythm of music. Exploring the relationship between hyperbolic geometry and music, this tune was composed after attending a lecture about hyperbolic geometry by Dr. Daina Taimina at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.
More explanation is on his blog
Hyperbolic Guitar on YouTube


  1. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the music and thank you for travelling to Dublin to deliver the lecture that helped to inspire it.

    Your photos are brilliant and the settings really compliment your creations.

    Please give my regards to David.

  2. Thanks, Donal. David has your hyperbolic guitar on his iPhone now :-)