Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shall we kiss?

Shall we kiss is the translation of French title for the movie Un baiser s'il vous plaît (2007) - 

It is a nice movie about feelings and responsibilities to people you are together with, but the mention of it found its place here because at least this is one movie where mathematicians are not showed the usual stereotype way. One of the main characters is a math teacher - couple times he is shown in a classroom with some high school algebra behind him. According the movie those should be different times with some time in between but the stuff on a board is the same - obviously those scenes where shot the same day...
The amusing episode is when this math teachers feels lonely and finds a girl on internet for certain services. When he arrives there, she first sends him to take a shower so that she can talk some math on a phone - in this place it was supposed to sound like a high level math but it was gibberish. Anyway - I thought it was nice to show that a woman - mathematician needs a second job... The movie is labeled as a comedy, may be that is why mathematicians in it look like real people.

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